Professional Services for Human Resource Executives

Leadership Development

Human Resource Executives understand that leading others doesn’t happen by positional authority alone. To lead and manage well, requires a deep understanding of others, their motivational drivers, and the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and confidently.  Whether you have direct reports, or you work with others on project teams, our programs will help your employees enhance their leadership effectiveness in the workplace, and in their personal life. Our programs often authorized by human resource executives include: 

  • Understand your own unique leadership style
  • Motivate yourself and others to action
  • Understand personality differences and how to adapt your approach to influence others
  • Listen for what is really being said, not just the spoken word
  • Deliver your message impactfully
  • Command respect through authentic leadership
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Use an array of tactics to get the best from others

Women's Leadership

Companies are benefitting from developing and facilitating Women’s Leadership Programs to achieve their goals, and to enhance executive productivity.  In our program, we address the patterns of behavior that women often engage in that sabotage their efforts, making them victims of a glass ceiling where they never achieve their potential.

Participants in our corporate training programs learn how to challenge their own thinking to broaden their perspectives, challenge the status quo, set a clear and concise direction, while developing an executive presence. They will hone their influencing skills, and learn how to design their work landscape in order to achieve what is important to them.

A self-assessment will point out strengths and areas for improvement, and participants will receive plenty of one-on-one and group feedback in a safe environment to become fully aware of their unique style and areas to improve their effectiveness.

Most importantly, participants will take away a strategy for the future so that their fulfillment is not what’s left over outside of work, and the important things in life become attainable. Some desired outcomes include:

  • A clarification of personal values and how they fit within the organizational culture
  • An assessment of strengths and developmental needs with an action plan to address them
  • A clear picture of what to go for and what to let go
  • A knowledge of the gender differences that enhance and inhibit leadership and general effectiveness
  • The ability to give and receive difficult feedback
  • Greater political savvy as well as strategies for using your power and influence more effectively within your organization