Group Innovation and Post Assessment Coaching



LEFT: The subscales, are rated on the X axis, displayed from left to right measuring thinking approach, creating ideas, impression management, championing ideas and attitude. The y axis, from top to bottom notes areas of strength, competence or development.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and leading corporations are benefiting from having teams of executives participate in the Innovation Leadership Assessment process for new product development, or to foster a culture of innovation throughout an enterprise. 

The ILA Group assessment tool, when analyzed by a trained professional, can help the department, work group or senior management team understand their current state of innovation and creative thinking, directed into areas of competency, strength and development.

Group ILA assessments commence with individual use of an online tool, followed by individual executive coaching conversations.  The training partner will collate data and prepare a group report summarizing results.  After client review and analysis, there are post assessment group coaching sessions.  

Post Assessment

Corporations have found that post assessment executive coaching sessions (for the individual and group) make it possible to enhance creative thinking and innovation within an organization. This often leads to new insights and custom recommendations that can drive business innovation. 

A post assessment conversation with a trained ILA executive coach often creates measurable positive benefits for the individual and organization, including:

  • Establishment of SMART goals
  • Development of proactive strategies
  • Generation of new ideas and plans for program implementation  


Enterprise licensing agreements for corporations and global partners, are available upon request from Patricia Harmon & Associates.

Access and Password

A password is required to take the assessment.  Click here to access the portal >

Partner Program

In 2014, Patricia Harmon & Associates launched a Global Partner Program to allow worldwide distribution of the instrument in order to certify and train executive coaches and innovation consultants in other countries.  For more information, contact Paul Seroka at (203) 253-1981.