Practice Area: Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creative Thinking and Innovation are critical skills and business processes necessary for building value and gaining an edge over the competition.  Faculty and Senior Advisors at Patricia Harmon & Associates will help you conduct meetings in a more focused way, and develop new perspectives in thinking using proven and proprietary methodologies designed by experts that specialize in this specialized practice area. Custom training and a wide range of tools are incorporated into a skilled and systematic approach to achieve greater creative thinking and innovation.  One of Patricia Harmon's specializations is a focus on eco-sustainability and biomimicry.

Here are a few examples of how creative thinking and innovation have helped companies:

  • Eliminate 50% of a consumer product packaging
  • Redefine business processes to revolutionize product offerings
  • Self-cleaning resins for surfaces without any residual pollution or waste
  • Shorten product approval processes
  • Reduce meeting times by up to 75% with greater productivity

At Patricia Harmon & Associates all training programs utilize techniques that generate many ideas, and are designed to spark curiosity and encourage innovation in your organization. Due to confidentiality concerns, we cannot elaborate on specific success stories via the Internet, but call to inquire about our think tanks and facilitated sessions where you can turn your creative thinking into real life innovations.


“I work in Global R&D at PepsiCo and attended a full day workshop lead by Pat entitled “Structured Thinking and Innovation.” I have taken many day-long seminars, and while most of them have been very interesting, none have been as useful as Patricia’s. I can say without a doubt that this particular course was one of the best I have ever attended. The course content is now a part of my everyday thinking, and I am so glad that Pat led the class; it takes a special person to teach this sort of material, and Patricia Harmon, PhD is top-notch.”

Kyle Shadix
Corporate Executive Research Chef
PepsiCo Global R&D