Executive Coaching

Thriving businesses depend on a clear and well-articulated vision, exceptional leadership, powerful teams and honest and respectful communication. Executive Coaches help these highly skilled executives and managers to execute that vision and deliver results.

Coaching, when implemented at an organizational level, can deliver dramatic results and drive significant improvements to the company and perhaps to the bottom line. As a Master Trainer in Emotional Intelligence and Executive Coach, Patricia Harmon and her associates build consensus, develop current and future leaders, and help ensure the success of corporate training programs.  

Our Executive Coaches are catalysts for positive change. We help both high potential executives and underperforming corporate leaders gain a clear vision of what’s needed to achieve the results required of them. A key component of our services is to help them develop plans and learn the skills needed to reach organizational goals.

Organizational Benefits of Executive Coaching include:

  • Enhanced effective communication between managers, direct reports and teams
  • Development of powerful teams for consistent and positive business results
  • Increased retention of high potential performers
  • Development of interpersonal competencies
  • Quicker advancement of colleagues to the next level
  • Enhanced employee morale and productivity
  • Aligned individual performance with team and organizational objectives
  • Greater ownership and responsibility for behaviors and actions
  • Encouraging individuals to stretch beyond their assumed limitations

Six Month Commitment

Each coaching engagement begins with a 180 day, or longer, commitment simply because effective individual and organizational change takes approximately six months for sustained behavioral change . While much can be accomplished in a single session, adequate time is required to establish goals, develop strategies, tactics, integrate new habits, and fully implement plans before realizing goals. Of course, the client is always in control and can end the engagement with notice at any time.

Custom Assessment Tool

To gain a baseline of current emotional intelligence, creative thinking or innovation, an individual assessment tool is often crafted to meet the individual’s needs.  Often a comparable emotional intelligence instrument is sent to direct reports and business associates as critical requirements for a 360 degree assessment process.  Our executive coaching services include the collection and summary of data as well as presentation of that data with the leader.

Quarterly or Final Reports

We prefer to prepare a custom report for the company sponsor but will never break the confidentiality terms defined at the onset of the coachee/coach relationship. Reporting progress on the engagement can range from simply documenting percentages of each goal achieved, to a narrative of actions fulfilled towards meeting each primary goal. All can be supplemented by a monthly debrief phone call to document the results of the coaching engagement or written quarterly or final reports to ascertain the return on coaching investment.