We start each engagement with a needs analysis to ascertain specific goals for the corporate training program, keynote speech or executive coaching initiative. 

We always prepare a written proposal that defines the specific goals, strategies, tactics and resources required to complete the engagement on time, within budget and to complete satisfaction of all parties involved in the project.

Once we receive a corporate purchase order, with a partial payment towards the engagement, we commence research, analysis and preparation for the kick off meeting where we bring everyone together to explore their ideas and approaches to the project.

Throughout the engagement, regular telephone conversations are scheduled, meetings or training sessions completed and we are responsive to all electronic communication.  We believe in transparant communication, and will prepare a written report every 90 days or more frequently as authorized by the client to clarify progress, next steps and to measure success for the program.

Every program is customized to meet client needs, and therefore we are flexible with respect to adjusting our work process to meet the unique requirements for each corporate challenge.

We submit invoicing for services rendered at the onset of the engagement.  We make it easy to do business with Patricia Harmon Associates throughout the engagement, and take actions to allow for efficient transfer of financial resources for services rendered and expenses incurred associated with milestones for each completed activity.