Innovation Leadership Certification and Training Services for Partners*

Demand for corporate innovation and entrepreneurship is growing each year, yet there are few professionals that understand how to turn creative thinking into innovation.  Dr. Harmon wrote the book, the Mind of an Innovator, and developed the Innovation Leadership Assessment, now used by leading corporations around the world.  Each year training support materials are refined, and expanded with success stories adding value knowledge and insights into the curriculum offered by Patricia Harmon and her associates.

Announcing a new training network - Innovation Leadership Associates

If you are a training consultant who wants to provide a creativity and innovation service for corporate clients, or a higher education professional who desires to offer a course to executive MBA students, you are challenged with designing your own program, or doing research to uncover what works and what doesn't work in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and creative thinking.

To address this need, Patricia Harmon has created a two-day workshop and training program utilizing her proprietary books, training sport materials, and assessment products.  Her custom material, developed over the past 20 years, is licensed to the trainer, for resale to their corporate customers through Innovation Leadership Associates, a global training organization created for the purpose of collecting, organizing and sharing innovation best practices, techniques and concepts.

Each consultant would be required to join this global network and become certified in the instrument, and learn the skills and successful processes that Dr. Harmon utilizes with her world renowned clients.  The licensing fee allows access to training materials, tips, techniques and success stories for use in the classroom.

These copyrighted materials are not sold separately and are only available once the organization is certified in the innovation methodology, and assessment instrument.

For more information about the Innovation Leadership Certification Program, fees and scheduled dates for training sessions, please contact Paul Seroka at (203) 253-1981.


* Partners include consultants, higher education teachers, executive coaches and corporate learning