Keynote Speaker, Ideation Program Facilitator

If your organization needs to make creative thinking, emotional intelligence and innovation a high priority within your organization, consider contacting Pat Harmon  as a speaker or program facilitator.

Your team will benefit from a skill based approach towards developing creativity and innovation in the company, and everyone will enjoy  a thought-provoking experience.

Patricia Harmon is a positive, dynamic and effective public speaker and workshop facilitator. She has been retained by Global 2000 corporations and higher education organizations around the world for more than 20 years as a workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and external consultant to lead change management initiatives. She is available for sales meetings, employee orientations, customer forums and other strategic offsite workgroup sessions.   

Her presentations explain:

“How to create an innovation mindset” within the culture of your company

“How to use creative thinking tools to generate innovative ideas” 

"The connection between EQ and Innovation"

“How to enhance your emotional intelligence” to generate personal and corporate results.

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Photographer: Rachel Phillipson at Cornell University


Presentation to The New School For Social Research on the connection between EQ and Creativity and Innovation for their staff development day (March 22, 2018).

The New School for Social Research                                                           80 Fifth Avenue                                                                                               New York, NY






During the keynote presentation at OnCourse (April 2012), Patricia Harmon explains the concept of Biomimicry, the Innovation Leadership Assessments and how executives can apply these tools to enhance creative thinking within organizations.

OnCourse National Conference
(450+ College Professors) 
Long Beach, CA