New 2015 Innovation Boot Camp


The Innovation Boot Camp is an engaging, inspiring and dynamic mix of short lectures featuring best practices, case studies, demonstrations and guided, hands-on practice sessions. Unique thinking techniques that have resulted in breakthrough ideas are taught, then immediately applied to specific business issues brought to the two-day program by participants.  


What’s Unique?
You will assess your own creative thinking capabilities via a web-based product prior to the program. In the classroom, you will learn your own innovation profile to understand areas of strength, capability or development.  Then you will learn how to apply this knowledge within a team framework for creative thinking and innovation using emotional intelligence effectively. On Day 2, you’ll continue learning innovation techniques including a focus on the lessons from biological intelligence, where nature’s genius is borrowed to solve our every day issues. These multiple techniques will furnish you with an enhanced capability to tackle challenges. You will return to work, armed with a comprehensive toolkit, ready to apply these new skills and lead others in the innovation process.


Who Should Attend?

Innovation Boot Camp is designed for any employee or manager who wants to improve their work environment, enrich their job and drive change in their organization. All attendees complete an Innovation Leadership Assessment® and learn insights about their own creativity capabilities and ways to enhance their own personal innovation potential.


Key Benefits

·    Learn creative thinking techniques that eradicate the voice of judgment

·    Develop a playfulness of thinking that will re-frame problems into challenges

·    Learn how to embrace diversity of opinions using an efficient and highly productive discussion template

·    Learn the key team characteristics that empower others in your company to drive innovation


Pre-Program Requirement

·       Complete an online Innovation Leadership Assessment®
     (Time required 8 minutes.)

·       Identify 2-3 specific learning goals for the training program

·       Define 1-2 innovation-oriented, real world business challenges that can be used for group discussion

Post-Program Requirement

             None.  Coaching is available to follow through on results achieved from the Innovation Boot Camp.


Innovation Boot Camp – Highly Interactive and Experiential Program Format


Day One: (Innovation Processes, Assessment, Ideation Techniques)

·       Discuss best practices and identify specific participant goals for the two-day Boot Camp.

                   Activity - Learn how disruptive thoughts can challenge the status quo and lead to breakthrough innovations.

·       Learn three innovation techniques used within organizations.  Use step-by-step thinking techniques to cause new connections in thinking    
      and develop seeds of ideas into practical solutions.

·       Activity:  Learn the groundwork for creating new practical ideas by using a unique thinking framework to develop a new capability applied to a
      corporate challenge. 

   ·       Uncover individual innovation thinking capabilities. Find out the skills that are necessary to turn creativity into innovation in organizations,    
        and how to form teams to
harness the collective intelligence to drive breakthrough results.

   ·       Activity: Receive your completed Innovation Leadership Assessment profile and learn your results compared to peers in 15 scales indicating areas of    
         strength, capability or development.


Day Two: (Creative Thinking Techniques, Group Communication)

·       Learn three additional idea generation techniques including the ability to borrow methodologies from nature

·       Activity:  Apply each technique to a real world issue selected by the group.

·       Select the best thinking tools to address the issues in your organization.  From the multiple techniques you have acquired, you will learn
      how to design your thinking approach, re-frame your issue if necessary, and select the most appropriate thinking tools to achieve innovation.

·       Activity:  Consider an individual challenge at work, select one or more techniques and harness the team’s thinking in a group format.

·       Gaining Buy-in at Work. Learn how to craft your message to present your idea to get buy-in within your organization. 
      Activity:  Design an action plan on a specific innovation challenge and practice persuasively delivering the benefits.