Self-confidence is a foundational characteristic that directly impacts one's quality of life. Research  shows unequivocally in the business world that women mostly score lower than their male counterparts. This is important to address because a lack of self-confidence results in less assertiveness, which in turn, leads to less visibility, less recognition and fewer promotions.  


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This program is designed to address these issues by first measuring areas of strengths and areas for development in turning creativity into innovation, with self-confidence as one of the key factors. The Women's Innovation Leadership Assessment ("WILA") is specifically designed to furnish participants with the skills necessary to develop an 'anything is possible' attitude and a roadmap to get there.

This program is in four parts:  

1) Develop the Mind of an Innovator

2) Know Thyself

3) Craft a Vision for the Future, and

4) Make It Happen


Pre-program participants will complete the Women's Innovation Leadership Assessment ("WILA"). During the program each participant will receive one-on-one feedback on their profile on 12 key characteristics , with an emphasis on self-confidence. 


Topics covered:

- Closing the gap between knowing and feeling self-confidence

- Understanding the emotional drivers of behaviors

- Challenging the status quo

- Creative thinking methodologies to expand thought processes,      
   overcome self-limitations and foster innovation

- Developing an 'anything is possible' attitude and transcending
   self-imposed limitations

- Respect, self-value and maintaining authenticity

- The 'Boomerang Effect' and related techniques for leaving the
    right impression

-  Subtle self-promotion and political savvy