Assessments, Return on Investment & Benefits

Return on Investment

Research has shown that ‘knowing how you operate’ directly affects work performance and the bottom line.

Understanding people’s strengths, styles, desires, and how they approach work gives both the individual and the organization the power to use their talent most effectively to enhance group productivity, increase revenues, reduce expenses and increase profitability. Assessments are an efficient manner of gathering interpersonal data on an anonymous and confidential basis, and when combined with effective executive coaching, the tools and services can provide information on a person’s intelligence, leadership style, emotional maturity, learning preferences, interpersonal and communication style.  Assessments can isolate weaknesses and spotlight strengths, which can then be focused on within the coaching engagement.


Assessments provide a useful framework to open up discussion and clarify issues. In addition, they provide management with useful information about their staff.  Understanding people’s strengths, styles, desires, and how they approach work gives both the individual and the organization the power to use their talent most effectively.

Assessments are especially useful for executives who need clear feedback and specific action steps to improve their interpersonal, managerial or leadership skills. Leaders are assessed using agreed-upon metrics of leadership competencies in advance of a coaching or development program. Using feedback collected by the coach from client stakeholders, coach and executive meet one-to-one to fully review the feedback. Coach-client conversations significantly increase the leader’s awareness and understanding of their impact on others. The debrief session results in a practical development plan that inspires the client to stretch—identifying key behavioral changes to be incorporated into the framework of the coaching series.

Coaches employ a range of diagnostic tools to provide the leader being coached with the insight and awareness needed to create a meaningful Personal Development Plan with measurable goals. Assessments are recommended prior to coaching to increase the efficacy of the engagement.


Understanding Self

Through the use of assessments, leaders will begin to develop a better understanding of self and come to appreciate how others see them. This insight gives the leader the ability to recognize both strengths and potential areas of development. It is often an eye-opening catalyst for change.

Understanding Others

Using the knowledge gained through assessments, a transformational leadership coach will help the leader develop new strategies for better results. These strategies enable the leader to both recognize others’ behavioral styles and be able to adapt so that he or she can connect more powerfully with them.

Understanding the Organization

Assessments also help management understand and leverage the culture of their organization. Companies today are looking to increase their leadership effectiveness, forge stronger relationships, better manage, communicate more effectively, and improve planning and execution. They are interested in how they make decisions, how they manage change, or perhaps in looking at how individuals function within a team, and handle ambiguity or stress. The range of learning opportunities is immense.

Assessments are especially useful for leaders who need clear feedback to improve their interpersonal, managerial or leadership skills.

Posted on January 16, 2014 .